Perfect World Philippines ( English Version )

In a futile attempt to get into CB, I'm going to blog about Perfect world. And since I don't usually blog...I'm prolly wasting my time XD But anyway, on with the game.

Recently purchased by Level Up! Games, Perfect World or World 2 originates from China. It's based on Chinese traditional myths. Perfect World is an MMORPG much like WoW, Lineage 2, and Vanguard when it comes to gameplay and features. Graphics wise, it's more Lineage 2 + Guildwars. It's certainly one of the best, if not best MMORPG here in the Philippines.

You start out the game, like with any other, with the character creation. The character creation here just totatly wipes the floor with any other game. Here's some taken from Level Up!'s website:

Friend's photo.

I couldn't resist so... I TRIED to make my priestess look like my friend. XD (Click for full sized image) I just suck at copying. I couldn't make her look exactly like her in the picture, but it's close enough. ( I think )

Shows how complex the character creation is in this game, you'll have to spend around atleast 10 minutes just creating your avatar's face. You can also select height, build type, skin color.

After character creation, you'll then enter the "Perfect World". This is one of the few loading screens you'll be seeing, as the world is seamless and isn't restricted by zones (except for some areas which are instanced just like WoW). You're put in this HUGE world which will probably take you an hour to walk ( or fly ) from one end to the other.

Freedom, that's what you'll get; you run, swim, and FLY anywhere you want to. 'Course you'll most probably get owned by high level monsters XD. Just because you can fly doesn't mean you're safe, there are countless monsters everywhere ( land, sea, and air ), monsters also use skills/spells. Respawn time takes 5-10 seconds in an area, although you'll never run out of things to kill ( This is a breath of ******* fresh air for RF players ) Movement is done either by mouse or WASD ( spacebar to swim/fly higher, Z to swim/fly lower )

Here are some of my own n0Ob screenshots from PW China last Feb (I'll look for more recent ones soon) :

Newbie starting area. You can get to level three in like five minutes thanks to the quests ( which there are lots of ).

Advantage of the Elf/Wing race is they can fly straight away, unlike the humans/beasts who'll need to wait until level 30.

Moon <3


Die n00b.

Pwned. ( Priests get a noob nuke + heal as starter skills )

Hunting turtles for a quest. (Had no idea it was a quest since it was in chinese, until I got the 30? or something % exp as reward)

The water in this game is beautiful. Looks somewhat realistic.

Swim with the turtles!

You have unlimited oxygen underwater... *cough*

Killing some turtle that can't fight back. (You deal 50% less damage when you have your wings equiped, not sure about higher level wings though)

Me Vs a quill rat / wild boar who shoots spines ( rigwarl ) thing.

Me healing


Level Up! (Games

Woo! Quest..not like I can do anything about it though since it's in CHINESE. You can also get quests by talking to NPCs

Emotes. Sleeping? or play dead. Whatever.

High is the only way to

A highbie ( who has the same hairstyle ) and a topless? girl. Those kitties you see are player owned shops, I think.

Humans fly on swords. (and a better look at the topless/skanky girl lol)

Santa's girl! (+ naked guy on the left)

Polar bear mount.


Forgot to mention, this game is FREE to play, check Level UP!'s website fro more info.. Okay I'm lazy, more stuff soon. ( IF I GET ACCEPTED AS A CBT *HINT* :D )

Videos ( skills + guildwars + character customization )


Anonymous said...

How do I get in CBT?

Can you help me with Chinese registration?

Anonymous said...

Will the english version block foreigners IP?

Perfect World said...

Yeah, I think they block IPs.

Anonymous said...

you have really beatifull friend ther e :D