Happy New Year!

Watch out for the new character class reveal on guildwars 2 this coming january!

Guild wars 2 will blow the competition out of the water. Screw world of warcraft!

Starcraft 2 Heart of the swarm

So I just finished playing Starcraft 2, wings of liberty and was immediately dissatisfied with the ending. First thing I did was go to google and type Starcraft 2 EXPANSION.

Everything I found pointed to 1 YEAR AND 2 MORE MONTHS BEFORE THE DAMN EXPANSION COMES OUT. Dammit. I want the next expansion naaaaaaaaaao

Dragonica - New local (Philippines) MMORPG

So you're probably bored as hell with Perfect World Philippines right now. I know I am. lmao Check out this new upcoming MMORPG. Dragonica Online Philippines by Egames (DOPE?) lol

If you haven't yet seen this game, Dragonica Online Philippines, you can play it now. Either on the SEA version by IAH games (worst publisher in history), or sign up for an Alpha tester account. You can check out egames website for more news on Dragonica.

The downsides of this game, like most bad cash shop games, is that they may give advantages to cash users. Not small advantages or just better looking characters, like upgrading or level up experience advantage. And leveling up in this game takes a loooot of time. Back in SEA Dragonica, before I got fed up with the greedy people in IAH games, and how GM Jin is a complete moron who can't speak english, I had a level 50 Battlemage, Jester, and Knight.

If you wanna own 1v1 PvP but get treated like a leaper in Dragonica, pick knight/assassin. If you wanna own PvE and be decent/semi good in group pvp, pick Jester/BM.

And please don't discriminate against knights in PvE in our new Dragonica Philippine server. It's sad and mean to do that lol

I'll be playing on Alpha if I get the time to.